Squirrel services in Ottawa

Help prevent squirrels from entering your home with our one-way system.

Squirrel services are offered by CPO Pest Control in the Ottawa area to help you quickly remove these rodents from your home. The services are available in residential and commercial spaces. Rodents are removed safely using gentle methods. For a free estimate, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team in Ottawa.

Even though squirrels can be very adorable, they can cause serious problems if they are allowed to nest inside the walls or in the attic of your home. They will gnaw on your wires, make constant noise by running around, and leave their droppings all over the place. Our team can help intervene as soon as you hear them wandering around your home.

Wondering if it’s really squirrels? Our squirrel service experts will be able to determine whether these rodents are present in your home during their inspection, and will let you know of any damages caused by them. They will then determine where the entry points for the squirrels are, and set up a one-way system which will allow the rodents to exit your home, but not re-enter.

Setting up a one-way squirrel management system

Installing a one-way system will allow for the squirrels to exit your home, without being able to re-enter. After a period of 2 to 3 weeks with the system in place, a technician will return to uninstall it, and a tight mesh screen will be temporarily placed to block the entry point until you have carried out the necessary repairs to seal the hole.

A turnkey service offering permanent repairs is also available, and features a warranty spanning up to 10 years. In the instances where the damage done by the rodents is more significant, the CPO Pest Control technicians will be able to inform you whether a decontamination and / or a replacement of part of your insulation is needed.

The following is included in the squirrel services: the initial inspection of your home (attic and exterior of the house); the set-up of the one-way system; the removal of the system; the chosen repairs.

Squirrel Ottawa Squirrel Ottawa Squirrel Ottawa

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