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Mice have elected residence in your home and you’re not sure how to deal with the problem? Exterminator Ottawa wants to help! Our mice exterminators have acquired great experience in the extermination of mice and rats. Our highly efficient techniques will evict the rodents quickly and permanently and our service is 100% guaranteed!

What they are

Mice are rodents. When in numbers, they are a health hazard to humans. They can transmit all kinds of diseases, germs, and parasites, through ticks and bites. Feces and urine can also act as transmitters. Mice evolve outdoors in the summer. In mid-fall, when the cold settles in, they look for warm shelters to elect residence for the winter.

What they do

Apartment buildings, houses, shops, even barns will house rodents. They typically hide inside the walls and ceilings, and look for anything to feed on in and around the property. Mice will visit your kitchen at night and when you’re away from home and feast on whatever they can find on the counters and in the pantry. A mouse colony will bring back as much food as they can to the nest and leave nasty germs behind, making your home a hot spot for diseases.

Rats gnaw at anything that stands in their way to the nest. They fiddle with electric wires inside the walls and occasionally cause fires.

Mice reproduce very quickly. The female mouse will have up to 12 babies per litter, and repeat up to 10 times a year. Don’t let them get to these numbers, call a mice exterminator!

What we do

Exterminator Ottawa uses products that are approved by Health Canada. They do not present any risk to the health of your employees or family members. Our mice exterminators use the latest tools in the industry and are well trained with the latest application techniques.

The minute you suspect the presence of a mice colony in or around your home or business, don’t hesitate or try to deal with it yourself. Traps will not solve the issue. Our mice exterminators will assess the problem and act on it.

Our treatment is 100% guaranteed, at the best price you can find in the region of Ottawa!

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For the best mice exterminator in the business, contact Exterminator Ottawa.

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