Bedbug Extermination

Bedbug Extermination

A qualified bed bug exterminator in the region of Ottawa, Exterminator Ottawa specializes in eradicating bed bugs permanently. Our bed bug exterminator experts use the most recent technology and techniques in the business to identify the problem, assess the level of infestation, and completely eliminate the parasites.

Bed bugs are not exclusively nocturnal, but they mostly feed on human blood during sleep. As their name implies, their preferred habitat is a warm area, which is why they are typically found near couches and beds, but they can proliferate in homes and commercial buildings alike. They reproduce extremely fast. If you spot the presence of bed bugs in your home or business, act immediately: call a certified bed bug exterminator.

Our bed bug exterminators are experienced, knowledgeable, and professionally tooled. They operate in the entire region of Ottawa, and represent the most decisive and effective option for your problem. Exterminator Ottawa has the best bed bug exterminators at a highly competitive price!

Our Products

We use the latest technology that allows for an eco-friendly solution to a real parasite problem. This distribution has proven to put an end to the most invasive bed bug presence in a way that is both safe and expeditious. Our certified bed bug exterminators will demonstrate it!

Our Way of Working

Your personal items are treated separately from your furniture and structure. Your clothes, trinkets, toys, mattresses and objects of value will not come in contact with pesticides. Without direct exposure, they will not run the risk of accelerated wear out.

However, we will thoroughly spray your rooms with steam. Your furniture, baseboards, and closets will be freed of their malicious tenants, without your loved ones’ health ever being put on the line.

Our Final Touch

Once your personal items are treated and your rooms are sprayed, insecticide is applied on infested areas. Our bed bug exterminator experts are trained to infuse just the right quantity of pesticide, insisting on areas that are known to harbour the bugs in greater numbers and keeping the infusion to a minimum on ultra-low-risk areas. In the end, a special adhesive is used, ensuring that the bugs will not come back for seconds.

Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa

Our operations extend to the great region of Ottawa. If you wish to consult one of our experts on a potential bed bug problem, or to call the cavalry, call us today!

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