Pest Control

Pest Control

Ottawa Exterminator, pest control and extermination, operates in the region of Ottawa. We are expert in the extermination of rodents in businesses and homes. Our pest control specialists will evict mice and rats effectively and quickly.

Are you struggling with a heavy presence of house mice, deer mice, or rats? Our professional exterminators will assess the problem and eradicate the colony.

Rodents – why exterminate them?

House mice can cause severe damage to your business or your home. They proliferate inside the walls and ceilings, and chew on electric wires, sometimes causing fires to spark inside the structure.

Mice make unpleasant noises at night, they snack on anything they can find in your kitchen and leave traces behind them, including dust, filth, germs, bacteria and excrement. They carry disease and can potentially make your family or employees sick.

When grouped in a colony, mice and rats represent a serious health risk to humans. If you see one, there are very good chances that many more are around, as they tend to live in colonies. A colony does not take very long to form. Mice reproduce extremely quickly; within a year, you may have an infestation problem on your hands. Don’t wait that long, call Exterminator Ottawa: pest control specialists!

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Pest control: drive them out!

Our pest control specialists use the latest available tools in the extermination business. We use infrared inspection tools, for example, to locate the nest inside the walls. We locate the rodent colony and eradicate it using environmentally friendly products and great expertise in the application of those products.

We care about the safety and well-being of your loved ones. All the products that we use are approved by Health Canada.

Pest control: keep them out!

Our exterminators also offer window caulking services. Caulking will keep bugs out, but also mice, which are known to enter homes via surprisingly small entry points. Window caulking will prevent spiders, bats, and many other types of small animals to enter or re-enter your home.

Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa

Exterminator Ottawa’s activities extend to the entire region of Ottawa. If you need the help of pest control experts, or if you wish to have skunks, bats, squirrels, or raccoons relocated:

Call us today: 613 863-4439

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