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Our cockroach exterminators are the best in the business!

Exterminator Ottawa’s cockroach exterminators are the solution to your infestation problem. We eradicate cockroaches from commercial and residential quarters alike, quickly and indefinitely. The presence of cockroaches can severely hurt your business. If you own a restaurant or a hotel and noticed a single cockroach in your commercial building, don’t wait for a customer to spread the word, act immediately; call a cockroach exterminator!

Our service is effective and highly competitive. You will not find a better price in the whole region of Ottawa!

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How to identify them?

Cockroaches are insects measuring 13 and 16mm as adults. They have brown bodies and small wings, which are only used to glide. They have long antennae and black stripes.

What danger do they pose?

A cockroach infestation can be hazardous to human health. They live around filthy areas and carry germs, contaminating food. They are bacteria’s best friends, as they help their spreading across your home. They are known to spread salmonella, shigella, and E.Coli. In extreme cases, they can cause severe pneumonia and even spread the poliovirus.

Where do they hide?

Cockroaches stay away from lighted areas. They proliferate in dark areas, initially around the kitchen cabinets and the bathroom. Because they flee light, people do not usually take notice of them before the problem becomes serious. They reproduce extremely quickly, and as the seriousness of the infestation increases, cockroaches can be found in other rooms as well, and will eventually settle in your bedroom.


If you are a tenant and notice the presence of cockroaches, notify your landlord immediately. If you are a home owner, it is important that you call a cockroach exterminator at the first sight of the vermin. We will eradicate the villains from your quarters and make your home safe again


Our cockroach exterminators are fast, expeditious, and discrete. Our services include the use of a non-identifiable vehicle and we will work outside your business hours.

Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa

Whether your cockroach problem is in your business or your home, our cockroach exterminators will come, assess, and exterminate. There will not be any traces of insecticide. We will leave the premises clean. We will leave you with tips to avoid their return.

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