Ant Extermination

Ant Extermination

Exterminator Ottawa, ant exterminator expert in the region of Ottawa, will take care of your ant problem, big or small. Our knowledge, expertise and equipment are at your service!

Our ant exterminators will locate the nest, inside or outside your residence, destroy it, and remove it. Without a nest, the insects will no longer have a base around your home and will cease to invade your surroundings.

Full extermination services are offered for invasions of:

  • Sand ants
  • Pavement ants
  • Black ants
  • Carpenter ants
  • Pharaoh ants
  • Any ants!

Why must they go?

The presence of ants can turn into a serious problem. Ants are known to cause major damage to properties if the problem is not addressed readily. If you think you may have an unusual number of ants around, you should call an ant exterminator right away.

All types of ants can be harmful to your home and cause their share of damage, but the carpenter ant is the most destructive. Two species can be observed: red and black carpenter ants. Both species can cause equal damage. They will eat at the outer siding of the property and attack the structure itself. They are characterized by their large size and their ability to reproduce extremely quickly. Be quicker; call Exterminator Ottawa.

How does it happen?

The products used by the ant exterminators of Exterminator Ottawa are fully approved by Health Canada. You will not need to vacate your home during the process, or spend a single night away.

Choose the Exterminator Ottawa ant exterminators for:

  • Our unbeatable prices in the region of Ottawa
  • Our understanding of the ant behaviour and habits
  • Our extensive knowledge of the different types of ant nests
  • Our vast experience in the extermination of ants
  • Our guarantee that the work will get done!
Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa

If you think that you may require the help of professional ant exterminators, do not hesitate to seek counsel. Exterminator Ottawa will help identify the right course of action! We operate in the entire region of Ottawa!

Call us today at 613 863-4439

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