Extermination Ottawa

Extermination Ottawa

Exterminator Ottawa is an expert in the extermination of invading pests. We will get rid of your infestation problem quickly and effectively. We benefit from great experience with pests of all kinds, and want you to benefit from it as well!

Our extermination services are offered for a vast number of pests, including:


Ants are known to cause major damage to properties if the problem is not addressed readily. If you think you may have an unusual number of ants around. Extermination required.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs are not exclusively nocturnal, but they mostly feed on human blood during sleep. They reproduce extremely fast. Extermination required.


Wasps are considered pests when their nest is too close to a home or business. The wasp sting is usually more painful than dangerous, but they can present a danger when in great numbers. Extermination required.


Cockroaches frequent dirty places and can easily contaminate food and sleeping areas. They can pose a serious threat to your health if kept around for too long. Extermination required.

Vermin and rodents

Our experts also have extensive knowledge of the behaviour of vermin and rodents. We use the latest technique and technology to locate them, drive them away, and take the proper steps to prevent them from coming back. We also educate our clients on the possible reasons of their presence and the short-term actions that they can take to help keep them out.

Exterminator Ottawa: a responsible choice


Our products and equipment are compliant to the most rigorous Health Canada requirements. Our eco-friendly pesticides are approved by the Pest Management Regulatory Agency. The environment, and your loved ones, will remain safe while we drive the undesirables away.


Animal relocation is of paramount importance to us. If we evaluate that releasing one of them in the wild would pose a threat to its well-being and development, we bring it to a natural refuge, where it will grow to autonomy. This is the case, for example, in winter. When spring comes, the animal is strong enough to go about its existence unaided.

Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa Exterminator Ottawa

We operate in the region of Ottawa. To obtain information on our activities, or to request immediate assistance:

Call us now: 613 863-4439

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