Attic Decontamination

Attic Decontamination in the Ottawa Region

The attic is often an area where wild animals, birds, and rodents search refuge as it is a dark, warm, and tranquil environment. Keep in mind that it is important that the attic must have a proper cleaning done after any removal of these vermin. A skilled professional is required for attic decontamination and in the Ottawa region, for the most professional service, call the experts at CPO Pest Control.

The technicians at CPO Pest Control are highly skilled and certified professionals who use top quality equipment to complete the task. Not only can they clear your attic space of these pesky creatures, your attic space will also be properly cleaned and decontaminated in order to assure a clean and safe space above your residence or business.

There are different methods available to our experts to perform the extermination or relocation of these pests. Our technicians will offer expert advice to help determine the best type of decontamination after the extermination or relocation has been done, taking into consideration the different health risks related to each individual species.

Don’t allow yourself to be at risk of contamination from these uninvited guests; you should act quickly and without delay. Regardless of which species has invaded your attic space, CPO Pest Control technicians will be able to assist, allowing you to stay worry-free, and help to alleviate any fears about the health of you and your loved ones.

The presence of vermin like mice or rats can happen all year round and is not only restricted to the cold winter months. Besides leaving droppings, they have the potential to also leave lice, fleas, or even moths. The danger exists that these can carry intestinal parasites which can be of harm to humans. It is therefore recommended to have a complete cleaning along with a proper disinfection once the extermination has taken place.

During the colder months we often find larger animals like raccoons searching out warmth for themselves and their newborn offspring. The attic is a choice place for them during the winter months. Unfortunately these unwanted visitors can transmit intestinal parasites like Baylisascaris Procyonis, or different bacterial diseases, with leptospirosis being just one example.

Another issue can be damage that mice and raccoons might do to the insulation in your attic, resulting in energy loss and increased heating bills during the winter months. Once the attic cleaning has been done, consideration should be given to replacing your attic insulation so that you don’t experience any energy loss.

We often also see nests from either birds or bats as they search out a warm spot to lay their eggs and raise their families. Birds are sometimes known to be carriers of moths or fleas. They can transmit diseases in their droppings, notably Escherichia Coli and Histoplasma Capsulatum which can be the cause of diarrhea or even histoplasmosis (a severe lung disease).

Hiding inside your walls can be insects such as cockroaches. It is important after extermination that the areas where they were found are thoroughly cleaned of any traces so as not to cause or heighten asthma or other lung diseases.

The best way to stay away from any heartache caused by the above parasites is to have a proper cleaning and disinfection done in the attic after any extermination services are performed. Having a professional microbial decontamination done will offer you peace of mind in regards to your personal health along with the health of those who are nearest and dearest to you. The competent expert technicians at CPO Pest Control will leave you with a clean attic that is properly disinfected and free of any unwanted guests.

Once the relocation or extermination of unwanted pests in your attic has been done, the expert team at CPO Pest Control will be there for you in all of the steps involved in the attic decontamination process. This will assure you of a complete and comprehensive job, leaving no stones unturned.

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Attic Decontamination in the Ottawa Region Attic Decontamination in the Ottawa Region Attic Decontamination in the Ottawa Region Attic Decontamination in the Ottawa Region

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