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If you are searching for a cockroach exterminator in Ottawa, let our team be of assistance to you! Our experts at CPO Pest Control offer quick, affordable and guaranteed extermination services to help you return to a peaceful living environment, free of harmful insects.

Our services are available for residential homes and buildings and commercial areas (motels, hotels, restaurants and other businesses).

How do cockroaches enter your home?

Cockroaches tend to enter homes via used appliances, furniture or cardboard boxes. A lack of cleanliness is therefore not necessarily the reason for their presence, however cleanliness will play a key role in their removal. Dark, damp areas with access to food and water allow them to quickly reproduce, therefore kitchens and bathrooms are usually where they live. You will often find them hiding behind stoves and refrigerators, around sinks, and inside smaller appliances. They are primarily nocturnal.

Advantages of our services

Numerous competitive advantages are offered to residential and commercial clients who book our cockroach exterminators. We only use products approved by Health Canada and that are respectful to the environment. Your health and that of your family and pets is therefore not at risk. Moreover, only the required amount of product is used during the extermination. The cockroach extermination services also come with a guarantee, and our team excels in customer service. It will be our pleasure to answer any of your questions or concerns as we help guide you through the extermination process.

Reach out to us for cockroach extermination

As soon as you see signs of cockroaches in your business or home, you should contact a cockroach exterminator. They tend to reproduce very quickly and can cause harm to your health. As a tenant, you should immediately inform your landlord if you notice cockroaches in your kitchen or bathroom, so that they may take the appropriate steps in having the situation evaluated by an expert. This can spare the building from a larger infestation. Albeit seemingly embarrassing, take comfort in knowing this is a common scenario. Most of the time, two visits from the cockroach exterminators will suffice, depending on factors such as the products used, the state of cleanliness, and the gravity of the infestation.

Cockroaches Ottawa Cockroaches Ottawa Cockroaches Ottawa

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